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Original wheel sizes, no cut tires, no dual.

Weights of bolt on type to either front or back of wheels only – no suitcase weights.

Tractors MUST be stock with all parts in stock location – (fuel tanks, etc.).

Stock engines running stock RPMS.

Gas, Diesel or LP fuels only.

1st gear only, low range – no shifting or TA’s allowed. 3.5 MPH maximum.

Factory draw bars maximum 20” height, minimum 18” back from center of axle, stationary in all directions and locked on tractors w/3 pt or fast hitch.

Half twist clevis with minimum 3” opening.  No balls.

Competitive Stock Classes
Release Waiver

All of the above with these modifications and

All parts must be of tractor origin.

18.4  x 38 max. tire size, any cut, any rim width, pressed steel o.k. – no duals.

Suitcase & custom made weights w/custom made weight brackets allowed. Rear weights must not extend past rear tires.

Engines are allowed internal modifications, spacer plates, girdles, power blocks, 12 port heads, 800 heads & jugs o.k.  10% above stock RPM allowed.

Wheelie bars and breakaway switches recommended.

No alcohol, no nitrous, no add on turbos or blowers.

1st & 2nd gear only – no shifting TAs allowed 3.5 MPH

Open Classes
Minor Release
Waiver Form

All of the above with these modifications:

Tractor can be any model year

Maximum speed 6 mph

Turbo okay if original

4-wheel drive cannot be engaged

No shifting TAs allowed

The Track Flag Man Rules
Maximum of 3 hooks per tractor.
(Pull offs & full pull move ups not counted)